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Hi, I'm Carter.

I'm Carter Hanke, AKA Carter The Car Guy, Sales Professional at McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg! Since entering the industry in 2014, I have been passionately leading the way in customer satisfaction. My expertise spans across new and pre-owned vehicles, leasing, and financing solutions, all tailored to meet your unique needs. My motivation? A genuine love for people and a firm belief in Toyota's excellence - the perfect vehicle to get you where you need to be. Last year alone, I proudly achieved the status of Top Sales Producer, with over 200 vehicles sold. Let's embark on your automotive journey together!


Explore McPhillips Toyota's inventory of new vehicles, each offering cutting-edge technology, comfort, and style to elevate your driving experience.

Discover the selection of meticulously inspected pre-owned vehicles, promising quality and reliability with exceptional value.

My Awards

  • Pinnacle Award for Top Performer, Sales Satisfaction

  • DealerRater Certified Employee

  • Toyota Advisors' Guild of Excellence Inductee

Kind Words


Carter Helped us out and it's very rare to get a car dealer that actually listens to the customers’ needs and wants. They understood that we didn't want a used vehicle, as we were adamant to get the 2023 model. We factory ordered a 2023 Highlander with Carter and we were given an approximate time in 2024 to receive it. In the following days they managed to track the same model factory new and had us in a new 2023 highlander within a week!



Great family dealership. They are honest and upfront and will make sure every question you have us answered and that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and each interaction. Carter Hanke is a top notch customer service ambassador.



To say my brother Darrell Chomokovski likes ball caps is an understatement for the ages. He gets especially happy when he can find promotional swag. For him it’s a badge of honour to wear such swag. It’s his way I guess of being part of the community, if that makes sense. For years, I have taken photos of my brother standing proudly in front of various automotive dealerships across Manitoba. Yeah, sales people who approach us give us weird looks. ‘Nope, we’re not shopping for a car,’ I say. ‘I am just here to take a picture to go into my brother’s photo album.’


My brother is not exactly shy in seeking free stuff. It’s in his wheelhouse. For the last month he has been asking me if I would ask Carter the Car Guy at McPhillips Toyota, if he had any free swag. To my brother, Carter is a celebrity. He LOVES watching Carter The Car Guy’s FB social feed where he features his latest happy customer. This summer, Frank and I were two happy customers of Carter’s after buying a brand new beautiful Corolla to replace the Corolla written off in my MVA of January 2023.


Our late mother, Carol, bought her first and only new car, a 2001 Camry, at McPhillips Toyota. When she died in March of 2007 it had only 10,000 kilometres on it. Fun fact: our mom actually had a garage built to protect her beautiful Camry safe and sound. I drove that beauty of a Camry for years. It was just a smooth and comfortable ride. But because it was a 2001, it did not have the latest improved air bag technology and Frank would convinced me it was best if we upgraded to something newer. That’s when went to McPhillips Toyota and met Carter, the Car Guy. He became my friend on FB and my brother’s as well. Thank you Carter for the hat! Thank you for the kindness shown to my brother. You made his day and then some!

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